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The mission of Raj Nursing And Paramedical college is to make a way for future career by providing well established institute with well qualified and trained faculties to train the students to achieve a professional skill to serve the nation in variety of services like Hospital nursing services, community health nursing, military nursing, nursing abroad etc. It shall be our sincere effort to provide a better environment or an exposure to multi-specialty and super specialty hospitals to attain a knowledge.

Our Courses

Marching towards excellence in nursing to give a healing touch.

 Nutrition Lab (1)

GNM – 3 YEAR COURSE-   60 Seats

GNM programme is meant to prepare general nurses who can efficiently perform as members of the health team in the hospitals and other such organizations.
 Neutration Lab (4)

ANM – 2 YEAR COURSE -  60 Seats

Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery in Nursing is a two year undergraduate certificate-level course in Medical Nursing.
 Anotomy Lab

PARAMEDICAL- 2 year COURSE  - 60 Seats  +    540 New =  600 seats

We provide quality education to our students in the field of paramedical and we ensure they would seek position according to their qualification.


Optometry is a primary health care profession, specifically licensed in all arm which incompasses the prevention and mediation of disorder of the vision system examination, diagnosis, treatment, management of the visual efficiency eye health's well recognition and diagnosis of related systemic manifestation of all of which are preserve and enhance the quality of our lives and environment 'Optometry is the 151 limo' defense against blindness • Optometry Is relatively young health care profession. having first been recognized If Stales Minnesotas Legislature 1901. The subsequent growth of optometry has been cor with the evolution of sophisticated devices and techniques in the field of vision care.Optics have been instrumental in development of such advances as electronic chronometer for first detection of Glaucoma, the streak stereoscope. visual field measuring device, contact designs, fitting instrument and techniques, ultrasonic instruments for determining tilt inside the eye, application of behavior modification technique to correction of vision.Optometry more specialized services Includes Ophthalmic Contact Lens Therapy Lens Therapy. Low Vision Therapy, Vision Rehablilative Therapy, Development Therapy. Electro-Physioloccal diagnostic procedures, Management of Ocular Pathology consultation with other professionals in the field of child development remedial I education, special education, Illuminating Engineering, clinical psychology and highway and other healthcare practitioners. Optometrist is an important personnel in the field of visual science. who can highly qualified eye surgeon's as pre-assessment before surgery and post assessment surgery. An eye surgeon need up the help of optometrist for all-important wok as Ophthalmic exercise, hygiene of eye, Orthoptic exercise etc. And reduce the work of eye! thus personnel know all about the care of eye.



PHYSIOTHERAPY An Introduction : The word "Physiotherapy means treatment of various ailments by the means of physical agents. That's why it is known as Physical Therapy also. It's a branch of modern medical Science and is recognized by the world Health Organisation. which is practiced at international level. Physiotherapy is used to correct the conditions & diseases of mainly the musculoskeletal system. In diseases like Poliomyelities, Arthritis, Myopathies, Cervical Spondylities and pain of neuromuscular origin, Physiotherapy is the only treatment along with medicines. The methods of treatment employed in Physiotherapy includes use of exercises, use of electrical impulses, use of therapeutic ultrasound. SWD & Hydrotherapy. Wax Bath, Muscle-stimulator, Traction Tense etc. The students of Physiotherapy Study Human Anatomy. Physiology Pathology. Medicine. Surgery, Orthopaedics and Biomechanics & Kinesiology. In present scenario. the manpower trained in the field of Physiotherapy is very less as compared to the demands. During the last few decades Physiotherapy has evolved as a newer Science with lots of scope for jobs in Govt. & Private Hospital providing the services of Medicare & Rehabilitation.


The "Operation Theater" as the name signifies is a block which is mandatory for any institution/hospital providing Medicare to patients. This can also be termed as a battle field, where persons related to Medicare work with a common goal either for saving the life of a patient or for care of a disease/disorder for the well-being of a patient. The surgeon often works under pressure to complete his task in shortest possible time and requires the full support of his ancillary Staff including the O.T. Technician. The O.T. Technician is a responsible member of team, who needs to have ample knowledge of sterilization, procedures employed in various operations and the instruments required. In addition to this he must be well-versed with pre and post operative care of patients. Eligibility For all Courses 1. Age :- The candidate should not be less than 17 years and more than 25 years at the time of admission. 2. Educational Qualification :- Candidate should have passed Class - XII. 10 + 2 a its equivalent, with Science subjects. & marks should be above than 45% 3. Admission shall be done on merit basis. & intrance examination. 4. The Candidate should be medically fit. SELECTION PROCEDURE: Selection will be based on the norms laid down by U.P. State Medical Faculty. TUITION FEES : The students shall be charged tuition fee as per the directions of U.P. State Medical Faculty, Lucknow. REFUND OF TUITION FEES Fee deposited after confirmation of admission shall be non refundable.


 It shall be our sincere effort to provide a better environment or an exposure to multi-specialty and super specialty hospital to attain a knowledge.

 Nutrition Lab (1)

Teaching Facilities

The faculties with eminent intellectual capabilities representing different parts of the country possess nursing skills of both theoretical as well as practical knowledge to impart primordial nursing education and serve as one of the vital part of this Institution.                                   
 Fundamental Lab (1)

Clinical Facilities

To match the theoretical knowledge we train our students in different clinical setup to fulfill the requirements adequately, so we have been affiliated to,BRD MEDICAL COLLEGE, GORAKHPUR RAJ NURSING HOME GORAKHPUR, CHC and PHC, Jungle kauriya,and Campierganj.
 Nutrition Lab (3)

Lab Facilities

To meet the different level of practical requirement we have explored various standards and put forth a quality laboratory for the students to train themselves to face the real situations beforehand in a virtual setup. To fulfill these requirements the laboratories at our disposal are Nursing.
 Nutrition Lab 4


An invaluable library with an organized collection of more than 3000 books completely covering the requirements of the students, faculty and governing authority adequately. Assisting, the students in terms of references with different kinds of publishers, authors and editions, so that the



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ANM ., GNM , Paramedical- DMLT, X-RAY ECG, MRI, CT SCAN, DENTAL HYGIENIST , ICU TECH. and CMS & ED courses admission are started shortly .
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Dr Raja Ram Yadav (Chairman)Dr Abhishek Yadav (Director)Dr Manisha  Yadav (Managing Director)
Miss E. M. Peters (Principal / Counselor)Dr C. Prasad ( V. PRINCIPAL/ Anit-Raggin Officer)Er.  S. P. Singh (–office supretendent )

DMLT - 2 Years      60 Seats 

The course provides learning in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in patients through clinical laboratory tests. After successfully completing this course, candidates can perform activities such as analyzing human body fluids, assisting the concerned doctor in the treatment of diseases and detecting the presence or absence of certain microorganisms in the patient's body


CMS diploma is known as diploma in community Medical Service & essential drugs (CMS & ED). It is a diploma for primary Health Care by general allopathic medicines which are recommended by world health organization (WHO) for primary health care. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has given an order that CMS Diploma holder can give treatment in all diseases including infection diseases.

Dental—Hygiene- 60 Seats 

Dental hygienists assist dentists in performing routine oral maintenance tasks and educating patients about dental health. An associate's degree is normally what aspiring dental hygienists earn; however, some pursue a bachelor's or master's degree if they want to teach dental hygiene, work in management or do research.

Diploma in x-ray & ECG technician-  60 Seats

A proper medication prescription can only be made, once a proper diagnosis is done. Henceforth the task of x-ray technician is of utmost importance. These students after pursuing the course can not only perform the x-ray but also can have the basics of interpreting the x-ray with proper precautions and hazard handling. They can not only handle the technical part but also learn to handle the patient psychology and help accordingly with appropriate record maintenance.