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D.Opt 2 Year

In India there are a large number of persons without any specific training about the eye, they are prescribing and dispensing spectacles as business which is illegal and it is a penal offence. The object of this course is to develop manpower, which could be utilized for the implementation of National Programme of Visual Impairment and control of Blindness, as well as to fulfill the need of human being and to government services, semi government services, private hospitals, private practitioner, optician shop to open facory of frame, lenses, opthalmic materials, and also open an eye clinic in collaboration with a ophalmologist and work as an assistant There will be two examinations at the interval of 1st and 2nd year, which will be conducted in the following manner. First Year First Paper - Aatomy & Physiology of Eye Second Paper - Physical & Physiological Optics Third Paper - Practical examination, Anatomy, Physiology Second Year First Paper - Disease of eye, drugs, diagnostic instrument Second Paper - Mechanical Optics & Ophthalmic Lenses Third Paper - Practical Optics & Eye Diseases Number of Seat - 30